What to Expect

For some of our students, knowing what to expect both before and during a lesson is very important. We’ve created the “Let’s Learn to Ski” learning tool to prepare students for a great lesson. Also, check out Liberty Mountain’s tips for what to wear on the slopes. In general, being able to add or remove layers of clothing—based on the weather—will create the best possible on-snow experience.


Mono-Skier Ozzie Osterman

Ozzie Osterman describes skiing in a monoski for the first time after losing his leg in a skiing accident.

Visually Impaired Skier John Pleasant

John Pleasant learned how to ski and make friends at Liberty Mountain. John sums it up, “Not seeing and skiing is a challenge, and there’s an excitement out of that…but it’s the relationships at Brass Ski that really make it so worthwhile.”

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