Adaptive Methods

adaptive skiingWhen we work with an adaptive student for the first time, we take a positive approach to determining the type of teaching style and equipment that is best suited for him or her. Rather than asking what the student cannot do, we ask what the student can do. We then determine what combination of equipment and learning techniques is required to augment that level of physical and mental ability into a positive learning experience.

Based on this assessment, a skier might fall into one of three broad categories of adaptive techniques:

Snowboard classes are categorized in a similar fashion.

sit-down mono skiingEach category might include a variety of students, but that does not mean any two students have the same disabilities. For example, a visually impaired person might learn to ski using a bamboo pole held between two instructors. An intellectually disabled student might use a bamboo pole for a different reason—to stand upright, for instance.

Whatever your skiing and snowboarding level, we look forward to meeting your individual needs.

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