Accessibility Statement

BRASS has taken many steps to ensure this website is accessible:

  • working with accessibility consultants for design, development and testing; and
  • adding an accessibility widget on every page of the website that allows for the visitor to adjust color, background and text size.


  • The items in the main navigation also appear at the bottom of the page, so users do not have to scroll to the top to continue.
  • The site is navigable using a keyboard.
  • A “skip navigation link” is at the top of each page to allow visitors to go directly to the page content.

Text Size

The text is sized in relative units, so that it be easily increased in all browsers.

You may zoom in or out by holding down the Ctrl key and + or -, respectively. To go back to the original size, use Ctrl and 0.

Color Contrast

Color has not been used to convey information. Foreground and background color combinations have been checked to meet contrast requirements.

New Windows

Links to external sites do not open in new windows or tabs.

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